We're the developers of Eekeemoo - Splinters of the Dark Shard

Our 3d adventure game for console and desktop Eekeemoo & splinters of the dark shard launches on Xbox One on the 03.03.17 and on PS4 and Steam on the 14.03.17.


Eekeemoo - The Legend Continues

Eekeemoo has been read by over 350,000 people around the world. Created by Willymj in 2007, the critically acclaimed little sword wielding eskimo has now made the transition from online comic (The Singing Stone), to printed comic (The Cloud City), to iOS app and now into the world of Games! Cogg Games are proud to be presenting -
Eekeemoo & splinters of the dark shard.


Eekeemoo & the Singing Stone

The first of the Eekeemoo adventures began life as a doodle whilst it's author Willymj was travelling in South America way back in 1998. However, it wasn't until 10 years later did he begin to bring the strange world of Eekeemoo to life.

Eekeemoo and the Singing Stone was first published twice weekly online over a two years 2007-2008. This infinate scrolling sketch book adventure silently told the quest of Eekeemoo (a small eskimo boy) and Yum Yum (a snow troll) to bring the last singing stone back to the sacred lake. In this 200 page epic our heroic duo battle countless monsters, discover hidden cities, aquire the ability to fly and bring about a magical change to the world.

At its peak Eekeemoo had over 250,000 online readers in over 20 countries. In 2011 the first four installments were made into an iOS iPhone & iPad app.


Eekeemoo in the Cloud City

As Eekeemoo gained in popularity so did the demand for a print version of Eekeemoo. However, the format of Eekeemoo and the singing stone did not lend it's self to a traditional comic format. So in 2009 Willymj wrote another Eekeemoo adventure - Eekeemoo and in the Cloud City.

The six part series is published by Butternut Comics (An imprint of Goldborough Studio). It tells the tale of Eekeemoo and Yum Yum's adventures high up amongst the clouds as they help Princess Nim reclaim her lost kingdom. The series had three print runs and sold both online and at comic cons in the UK and the USA.


Eekeemoo & splinters of the Dark Shard

In 2012 Willymj suggested that Cogg build a small mobile flying game. But we loved Eekeemoo so much we offered to build a much bigger game, a game which would explore the dark world of Eekeemoo further. Willymj agreed and he immediatly began to re-draw a new version of Eekeemoo.

The new adventure is called Eekeemoo & splinters of the dark shard and will take Eekeemoo on a whole new adventure as he heads of to discover the secrets behind the dark splinters.

Eekeemoo & splinters of the dark shard will be developed using the Unity engine and so will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and Steam

  • Another silent comic that’s a huge success is Eekeemoo... it’s full of bold, meditative white-on-black art.

    — The Guardian —
  • This Moody, wordless comic is hypnotic and fasinating

    — Josh Fruhling, Comics Curmudgen —
  • Love this - Feels very like Hayao Miyazaki

    — K Kabushi, Editor, Flight Comics —
  • I've seen more than my share of pretty, but empty cartoons. Hell, I've even made a few, let's be honest. Eekeemoo is different ...

    — Steve Ogden, Writer, Moon Town —


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